Friday, 11 December 2015

St. Vital Detailed Area Plan

Below are a few of the city planning documents written by the Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg. These date back from the late 1960s into the early 1970s.

I have done my best to transcribe these documents as accurately as possible, though it is possible there may be errors.

As soon as I have more of the text I will place each plan onto a separate blog post and add in the maps (as PDFs) for your viewing pleasure.

St. Vital Detailed Area Plan

Author: Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg
Publ: December 1968
Size: 903.2 K

Map 1 - Location and Extent of Development
Map 2 - Urban Growth Pattern
Map 3 - Existing Land Use
Map 4 - Existing Zoning
Map 5 - St. Vital Future Land Use
Map 6 - Local Planning Areas
Map 7 - St. Vital North Future Land Use
Map 8 - Elm Park Future Land Use
Map 9 - St. Vital Central Future Land Use
Map 10 - St. Vital East Future Land Use
Map 11 - Victoria-Pulberry Future Land Use
Map 12 - Worthington Future Land Use
Map 13 - City Owned Vacant Land
Map 14 - Worthington Local Planning Area Suggested Development
Map 15 - St. Vital West Future Land Use
Map 16 - St. Vital West Local Planning Area Suggested Development
Map 17 - St. Vital South Future Land Use
Map 18 - St. Vital Services (water)

Current (1968) Land Use
Map A1 - St. Vital North Land Use
Map A2 - Elm Park Land Use
Map A3 - St. Vital Central Land Use
Map A4 - St. Vital East Land Use
Map A5 - Victoria-Pulberry Land Use
Map A6 - Worthington Land Use
Map A7 - St. Vital West Land Use
Map A8 - St. Vital South Land Use

Building Condition (1968)
Map B1 - St. Vital North Building Condition
Map B2 - Elm Park Building Condition
Map B3 - St. Vital Central Building Condition
Map B4 - St. Vital East Building Condition
Map B5 - Victoria-Pulberry Building Condition
Map B6 - Worthington Building Condition
Map B7 - St. Vital West Building Condition
Map B8 - St. Vital South Building Conditions

Map C - St. Vital Population Density
Map D - St. Vital Census Tract Areas

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